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Book Your Mandapam-FAQ's

1.Are all the halls in Chennai listed?

We have covered a majority of the halls in Chennai, and are in a continuous process of evaluating and including all of them in the list. Any information which we ourselves make available on our Website is intended as very general guidance information but we cannot guarantee that it is accurate or up to date and we do not accept legal responsibility for it. Users rely on such information at their own risk.

2.How do I search for a Hall?

You can visit our search page. There are various search options that are available to shortlist the hall of your choice. Only a few fields like -----------are mandatory. You can leave the other fields empty to see more available halls.

3.How do I check if the hall is available in a particular date?

The halls availability status is shown for most halls. But to be double ensure, please click on the ENQUIRY button. Our customer support staff will verify the availability status and confirm you on a call back. This should take around 4 hours maximum.

4.How do I select the menu?

The standard menu options that are provided by the Hall will be displayed for you. While proceeding with the payment you can select any of the menu options provided.

5.Can I propose my own menu to the Hall?

Few halls provide the option of customizing the menu. There will be a marking to indicate if a particular hall allows customizing the menu. For halls that allow, you can type the menu that you would want. Our team will get the revised cost from the concerned hall and get back to you.
However, this option is not applicable for halls that do not allow menu customization.

6.How to change the menu after booking?

This facility completely depends on the hall management. Though most halls do not allow menu change, you can always check with the hall management directly or through our customer support staff if this can be done.

7.How to check if the hall allows caterers from outside?

In Case of Banquet halls/ Party Halls, there will be a mention in the "FOOD MENU" Page if the hall allows "OUTSIDE CATERERS". In Case of Marriage halls and Party Halls that allows outside caterer, you can search from our list of caterers.

8.How do I book my hall?

Once you shortlist the hall, you can send an enquiry by pressing the "ENQUIRY" button. Our customer support team will check the availability from the hall management and confirm you back. You can proceed with payment. The booking is complete with payment.

9.How can I do the payment?

When you send an enquiry, the customer Support staff checks the availability of the hall and confirms back to you on phone. With this confirmation you will also receive a TRANS CODE on Email. This is an unique Transaction code that is generated for every booking and is valid only for 3 hours. You will now be able to proceed to the payment page with the help of a valid TRANS CODE. Once the payment is complete , the booking confirmation Mail is sent to your Email.

10.Can I contact the hall directly ?

You can visit the hall directly and book with them personally. But we strongly recommend you to process the payment through to avail the best discounts in hall. You also get a bundle offer price when you avail other services from us ensuring you get the best DISCOUNTED Package.

11.When do I pay the remaining payment and where?

The payment terms vary with different halls. Please check on the halls payment policy for further details. You can make this payment through or directly to the hall.

12.How do I confirm if the booking is complete and secured?

On successful payment, you will get an Email confirming your payment and successful booking.

13.How to interact with the decorators and other service providers?

You can search for the vendors by service category or name. You will be able to see all their contact information. You can also reach them through our Customer Support Team.

14.Is it possible to change the date/ Hall after booking?

Please refer the cancellation policy of the Individual hall that you booked for more details.

15.What will be the cancellation policy?

Please refer the cancellation policy of the Individual hall that you booked for more details.

16.What do I do when the payment is processed but I do not get the confirmation message?

You can contact our customer Support team for assistance. They will be able to help you resolve.

17.What will be my reference when I interact with the hall or other service providers?

On a successful payment, you will receive a confirmation Email which will contain a unique reference code. You can use this code for all communication with us and our vendors.